We are always looking for new and outstanding writers. If you are interested in submitting your manuscript, please note the following guidelines.

We are looking forward to review your work!
However, we do not accept your submission by post. Postal manuscripts will not be returned.

We represent fiction as well as non fiction, with the following exceptions:

  • Poetry
  • Theater plays and scientific essays

To submit your manuscript, please follow the formal instructions below:

  • For all sorts of texts we need
    • a clear synopsis and outline, maximum 5 pages, including the title, the length of the manuscript, genre and target audience
    • send in a CV, including possible publications to date
    • make a list of publishers and agents you contacted besides us
    • as much text as possible; we prefer the entire manuscipt over a reading sample, if available
  • For fiction texts we also need
    • a short overview, in length and style similar to a blurb or a pitch
    • a detailed synopsis which includes the end of your story and the main characters
    • presentation of your main sujet
  • For non fiction texts it is necessary to
    • briefly pitch the content
    • include a detailed outline and table of contents

Please send your work in a single PDF file to to review and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Please use your projects title and genre as the emails subject matter.
Generally our review process takes 4-6 weeks. We’re always excited to dicover great literary voices and inventive topics and look forward to your proposals!