Our agency consists of experienced project managers, competent editors, and an impressive array of press professionals, service providers, and publishers. Our office is a friendly, relaxed one overlooking the city of Hamburg, where we work for you and your dreams with passion and enthusiasm. We always give everything and we never give up!
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„Nina Arrowsmith was able to negotiate the best contract. She is constantly in contact with all the top players in the field. On top of that, she is very creative and has brilliant ideas that make a project come to realization because she knows what the people on the other side of the table want.“

Sebastian Schnoy, Bestselling Author


Arrowsmith is synonymous for creativity, commitment, expertise, and many years of experience. We supply you with individualized, modern concepts focused on integrated consultation for a targeted audience.


Arrowsmith was originally founded by Nina Arrowsmith in 2005, and has continually grown from its beginnings to evolve with the changing challenges of the publishing and media sector of the last decade. Our team advises our clients – including bestselling authors, established brands, and distinguished media – with enthusiasm and professional expertise.
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We are always looking for new and outstanding writers. If you are interested in submitting your manuscript, please note the following guidelines.